Day 53, 5/28: M-969, Front Royal, VA (14mi)

Temps were very mild this morning and heated up quickly. An hour after this stream crossing I probably would have just jumped in.

Kind of looks like they are caging us hikers from the rest of the world like zoo animals.
Watch the Hikers in their native habitat and see what happens when a Snickers bar is thrown over the fence…it can get ugly!”

This is 3-Way he’s from Aurora, Colorado and just finished a one week section hike through Shenandoah.

3-Way has been section hiking the AT one week at a time for ~10 years and picks up where he leaves the trail every year (970 miles completed). He figures another 10 years and he will reach Katahdin. In my view, this is a whole extra level of dedication and determination

Even more impressive is that he’s doing the same thing simultaneously with the PCT and the CDT. He’s finished 1700 miles of the PCT and almost half of the CDT. So this is how you become a Triple Crowner while raising kids and supporting a family. I’m hoping 3-Way will start blogging about his effort…I’d love to follow the rest of his adventure.

One thought on “Day 53, 5/28: M-969, Front Royal, VA (14mi)

  1. Hi Gobug, you probably don’t remember us, 23 met you in Baden Powell, just checking to see where your at, and how is it??? 😊


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