Day 52, 5/27: M-955, Gravel Springs, (28mi)

Temps were quite mild this morning and a great setting to start the day.

5 miles down the trail was the Skyland Lodge and Restaurant. They served up a great breakfast with a spectacular view.

More great views.

I realized I hadn’t done a selfie in a while.

My new favorite flower…but not sure what it is.

Love seeing signs like this…

Her son is hiking the AT and came through this area earlier. She drove all the way from Richmond, VA to serve up trail magic. The Krispy Kremes were a hit along with cold drinks on this steamy day.

I wallowed a little too long at the Elk Wallow Wayside…love those Blackberry Milkshakes.

Unfortunately, all that wallowing got me caught in a big rain shower 20 minutes before tonight’s shelter. Not the best way to end a 28 mile day with wet boots stomping through mud…but not the worst either. This was the first time I’ve experienced warm rain. Felt pretty good after a hot day. Luckily there was room in the shelter as most folks had already set up tents.

I saw several more bears today. One of them kind of held me up for a bit because he didn’t runoff like most do after seeing me. He just continued to graze on leaves…and a bit to close to the trail for me to pass, so I hung out and watched (hope to upload a short video).

3 thoughts on “Day 52, 5/27: M-955, Gravel Springs, (28mi)

  1. Gus says the plant is snowy azalea. Lookout for tropical storm Bonnie, it could give us a lot of rain in the next few days.


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