Day 40, 5/15, M-728, Daleville -Unwins (26mi)

We got off to an early start this morning (5:45am) because we had a big day to Daleville and the offer of some home comforts of home from a friends sister (Cynthia)

The cows were surprised to see us so early.
Since it was beautiful Sunday (a cold wind though) Mcafee Knob near Roanoke was hopping.

This shot I took was better than the one that someone else took of me standing on the Knob.

Hard to believe we are just 10 miles from Roanoke, VA.

These are some nice folks we met who moved here recently from Silicon Valley.

Little Kiss on Tinker Cliffs (like Mcafee knob but no people).

The Hollis reservoir from the final descent to Daleville. We arrived in town around 6pm
Our great hosts for the night, Cynthia and Brian!
Hot showers, laundry, real beds and lots of food…what could be better?

…a sewing machine to mend my gators šŸ™‚

It was a late night chatting as well as catching up on emails, journals and blogs.

2 thoughts on “Day 40, 5/15, M-728, Daleville -Unwins (26mi)

  1. I am so impressed with day after day of great photos for this blog. Plus the way you put on
    miles is mind-blowing to me, just watch out for slippery rocks and 4-lane roads to cross.
    (I read that in NY, the trail has you crossing 4 lanes on the Palisades Pkwy!)


  2. Marathon Day! Whew! Well done. Keep your eye our for Humpback Rocks, did some trail work on the trail up there (I think it was a blue-line trail)


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