Day 31, 5/6: M-532, Partnership Shelter (24mi)

The snow last night turned to rain by early morning and had cleared out by the the time I headed out…but it was slow going getting out of my warm sleeping bag. I love the spooky looking trees in the fog…seems like a regular occurrence most mornings recently.

Some leftover snow from yesterday.

The water was flowing a little heavier than normal after all the precip.

These Trail Angels were out for a day hike. Curly, in the middle, is a Triple Cronwer (AT, PCT, CDT).

This is the trail magic they left us by the roadside….the homemade cookies and Coke were a hit.


The impressive stone Trimpi shelter was a relaxing lunch stop…the sun even popped out for a minute.

A field of tiny yellow flowers.

A couple short rain showers later and just about 24 miles got me to the Partnership Shelter. It’s a couple hundred yards from a USFS visitor center where they have an outdoor courtesy and you get pizza/Chinese food delivered. Salty decided to hitch into town from the road crossing.

Temps are supposed to be back near 70 tomorrow which will be great!

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