Day 71, 8/5, Deer Lake, 2206, 32mi

The warm evening last night turned into a pleasantly cool morning. The first miles of the day were smooth sailing then the climbing kicked in with a 3000′ ascent. The good news was that the trail took a relaxing 9 miles to reach the top. All in today, there was 7000′ of climbing and yesterday’s total was 7700′. Between the moderate grades and the shade of the trees the climbs aren’t too bad even in this hot weather but the humidity is a sudden change to get used to.

Some spooky looking trees in the forest.

Lots of lush grasses especially near the many ponds.

The trail finally popped out of the forest near the top of the climb and apparently the haze had cleared. There was a great view to the south of Mt Hood.

Looking back toward the Columbia River Gorge.

Later in the day was the first good view of Mt Adams. The trail goes right by it in the next couple days.

Considering all the climbing, I’m surprised I’ve made as many miles as I’ve done the last couple days . As a little extra incentive, I decided to hitch into the trail town of Trout Lake tomorrow. Even though I don’t need to resupply I’ve heard it’s a town that’s super friendly to hikers.

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