Day 70, 8/4, Trout Creek, M-2174, 30mi

As much as I wanted to sleep in and relax at the hotel a little longer it was supposed to be in the upper 90’s in town and I wanted to make sure I beat the worst of the heat for the big climb out of the gorge.

Approaching the Bridge of the Gods at 6am. Notice the large PCT sign lit up on light post.

Not much room for hikers…and you can see the water a 50′ below through the metal grated road deck.

View from Bridge.

Slightly less hazy this AM.

Hello Washington !

I bumped into an acquaintance hiking southbound. This is Badger from Golden, CO who has a very popular hiker oriented blog/website originally known as Appalachian Trials (originally a book by the same name) and is now called The Trek. I’ve written some guest posts for the site.

Washington is very lush…today reminded me a lot of the AT with kinder grades. The humidity (a first on the PCT) definitely gave it an east coast feel.

Still kind of hazy for the occasional views.

The bridge over Trout Creek.
Began and ended the day with a bridge.
I Setup camp just above the creek. It was still in the 80’s when I arrived in camp at 6:45 and it’s been cooling down very slowly.

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