Day 92, 8/29, Andesite Spring+, M-1296, 30mi

It was great to be back hiking on the trail again. I’ve had enough public transportation for a while. It was kind of a hot day (90+) but nothing too terrible in the shade of the trees all day. The trail wasn’t anything too exciting. The occasional giant old growth tree, some views of Lassen Peak and the typical Northern California dry climate understory (sage) as well as lots of volcanic rocks.

The official halfway point Monument was rather anticlimactic…but still with a pic.

The last time I saw Lassen back in June there was a lot more snow on it. I even got snowed on while camped there (June 10 ?).

Things can get a little hairy on Butt Mtn. even in late spring. It’s the Butt of a lot of jokes around here.

Another view with Lassen on Horizon.

More Butt jokes.

It was 23 miles today to the next on stream water source. Luckily, there was a spring that was still flowing just 1/4 mile off trail, about halfway through this stretch.

Tonight is the first night I’ve camped alone in quite a while (somewhere in Oregon ?). It’s pretty much dark by 8:00pm and in the morning it’s not light out until about 6:15 (I get to sleep a bit longer 🙂

One thought on “Day 92, 8/29, Andesite Spring+, M-1296, 30mi

  1. oh wow! What a transport story! Too funny! Sounds like you handled that well though. Go wtih the flow… and hang out in wal mart when times get tough! hahahahah.
    500 miles to go! Awesome stuff.



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