Day 67, 8/1, Sandy River, M-2134, 24mi

Another great day with an easy 24 miles.

There were six llamas sharing last nights camp spot with us.

Mt. Hood as the sun rises.

And a little later this morning.

This photo makes me laugh. First, we all have the same pack and they’re lined up against the outhouse. We were super excited to have an outhouse a little ways down trail this morning.

As we got closer to Mt Hood the wildflowers started popping.

The lone ski run getting the ski camps back to the bottom of the mountain.

I think they call it a day around 11am (when I arrived). The snow gets too soft and they need to maintain for a summers worth of campers.

Timberline is a fantastic example of Parkitecture built by the CCC in 1937. It was also used in the movie The Shining.

The Lodge is very Hiker friendly and many of us parked are butts on these couches for a good part of the day while charging batteries and using free wifi.

After a 4+hour siesta there were 10 more miles of hiking. Most of it was pretty easy until we got to an area of giant blow-downs. These logs are about 4′ in diameter and could Bering the trail length-wise.

The scale of the Mt. Hood area is awesome. Notice the waterfall at the bottom? That is prob about 150′ tall.

One last obstacle was crossing the chocolate-brown Sandy River. The log and a couple rock hops kept me dry.

Home for the night with Monster and Breeze.

2 thoughts on “Day 67, 8/1, Sandy River, M-2134, 24mi

  1. Cool llamas! And a great shining motel. FUN! that is so crazy to have skiing in the summer!
    Looks like you are making good progress. Still very much winter here. Am just about ready for some signs of spring. This weekend may get up to 16 celcius! THat will be nice!


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