Day 51, 7/16, Mud Springs, 1683, 30mi

It was an extra early start (woke up at 4:45 and hiking by 5:15) to attack the 4500′ climb out of Seiad Valley… and I didn’t want to mess around with the oppressive heat.

This is a view of the Klamath River about 500′ up.

It was a gorgeous day and not as a hot…especially up higher at 6000′.

The aptly named Lilly Pad Lake.

I seem to be passing through a wave of hikers both Northbound and Southbound. Here is a pleasantly shady lunch spot.

I pushed a little further (arrived at 8pm) to get a good view of the sunset…Definitely worthwhile 🙂

Cowboy camping among the pines.
(I even got cell signal somehow )

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