Day 46, 7/11, Chilcoot Crk., M-1543, 27mi

It was an incredibly beautiful hike today. Comfortable temps at these higher elevations (6000-7000′), gorgeous views, modest climbs and plenty of water.

The day is off to a good start when you wake up to a sunrise like this!

Still not sure I’m actually in the USA…or did we change to metric while I’ve been gone and o one told me?

Hope you’re not getting tired of Mt Shasta pics… I’m not 🙂

As I crossed over the ridge (elevation 7400′) there was one blob of snow covering 30′ of trail.

More Shasta

Lots of wildflowers today to brighten up the trail.

I didn’t see a single Northbound PCT Hiker today. I only saw one Southbounder (I think I recognized him after he passed…had seen him in the Sierras). There were a handful of day hikers but overall very quiet out on the trail.

My body doesn’t seem to be reacting too harshly to the sudden change in activity. Plenty of energy, stamina and strength, but my feet were definitely tired when I rolled into camp around 6pm. Before my little hiatus I probably would have hiked until 7:30 or 8:00…but no complaints for day 2 after the reboot. When people ask me how one should train for a trip like this I’m going to tell them to get a job working retail, or any job where you are on your feet 8-10 hrs/day.