Day 59, 7/24, Shelter Cove, M-1904, 27mi

As crazy as this may sound, it was an easy and relaxing 27 miles today. I had gotten intel that the main route had quite a bit of snow. Luckily, there is an alternate route on the Old PCT called the Oregon Skyline Trail. It’s at a slightly lower elevation and passes by several lakes. On top of that it is a bit more direct route to Shelter Cove (today’s destination).

This is what stream crossing should always be like: calf high, gentle flow, and a refreshing temp on a warm day.

At mile 17 I took a long siesta at Crescent Lake. The water was a perfect swimming temp and the shade was a perfect napping temp. Surprisingly, no mosquitos here because most of the day was an all out assault. (my shoes are drying in the sun after the stream crossing).

Diamond Peak over Diamond View Lake.

Several milestones…Yesterday i passed my halfway mark…finally! And today I passed the 1400 mile mark (1900-500),

The terrain changed rather abruptly from dry and sandy with scattered Lodgepoles to this moss covered fir forrest .

For the first time I can remember I saw full cloud cover this afternoon. Apparently, this was the edge of something bigger in the area, but ultimately it was dry all day for me. (I am the blue dot).

Today’s destination was the Shelter Cove Resort. They are very friendly to hikers and it was a popular stop. Even with my two hour siesta I arrived by 5pm.

It was a great place to relax for the evening and enjoy the sunset.