Day 50, 7/15, Seiad Valley, 1653, 27mi

Today was about as easy a 27 mile day as you can do. The trail dropped 4000′ in elevation very gradually while following a creek.It did start to heat up as we approached the lower elevations (~1500′). The last 6 miles were a road walk with the last 4 on pavement…this feels quite terrible on the feet and knees but it makes for quick miles.

Sunrise on the climb out of Paradise Lake.

I didn’t see a single car in two hours of road walking, but at least they are warned!

Fighting the heat and sun on the road walk.

Hikers waiting out the late day sun outside the Seiad Valley Store before climbing 4000′ up. I opted to call it a day and camp at the RV park next door.

Gotta love Northern California!

This part of NoCal voted to secede from the rest of Calf. and create the 51st state of Jefferson. Don’t thinks it’s gained much traction outside of this area.

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