Day 56, 7/21, Crater Lake Border, M-1813, 31mi

There has definitely been a chill in the air the last several mornings but by mid afternoon it can feel quite hot out in the open. The first 10 miles was more uninspiring trail through the pines with mosquitos and lots of blow downs… It’s kind of an obstacle course.

By mid morning I finally had some views 🙂

Then it turned into a giant burn area…with wildflowers!

No, that’s not Mt. Shasta…it’s Mt McCloughlan (~9000′).

There was one notable climb today…Devils Peak. I had intel so I knew to expect snow on the steep north facing side.

It wasn’t too bad actually. If I there had been other folks in the vicinity I probably would have glissaded down the slope. But with the melting snow the last thing I wanted was to get the top of a pine tree up the pooper and wallow in the snow waiting for help. Instead, I descended some soft scree just to left of this pic. Discretion is the better part of Valor !

By early evening I had arrived at the border of Crater Lake NP.

Not too worse for the wear after a 31mi day.

I had a great pine needle campsite all to myself. Definitely a tent night with all the mosquitos.

I wasn’t patient enough to wait around for the whole sunset…I was anxious to get in my sleeping bag.