Day 45, 7/10, Trinity Ridge, M-1516, 19mi: BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN

After 3.5 weeks off trail I’m “BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN”…not only is it a great Aerosmith song it’s also appropriate given that the Tour de France is in full swing.

I flew into Medford, OR last night then caught a 6am bus. I then hitched a ride to the trailhead I departed from on June 16th…thanks Rocky! Rocky is section hiking the whole PCT over 4 years and she’ll be over 80% done this year!

Hitting the trail after 3.5 weeks of R&R.

I think I accidentally walked through a wormhole and wound up in Canada…not sure why the distances on this sign are in kilometers ?

Castle Crag Peaks

Cooling my feet off in a refreshing creek.

The impressive Mt Shasta.

Cowboy camping under Mt Shasta.

There was a lot of climbing today (6000’+). Unfortunately, the steep section was also out of the tall pines and very hot with no shade.

Castle Crags sunset.

Mt Shasta sunset