Day 48, 7/13, Etna, CA M-1597, 25mi

There was a lot of interesting topography today from meadows and old burn areas to granite domes and mountain lakes.

Lots of beautiful wildflowers as well !

We entered the Russian Wilderness, marked by a steep walled canyon and granite domes.

…and more flowers.

You can see the faint line of the PCT cutting across the landscape.

And of course, out dear friend, Mt. Shasta.

This is where I had lunch, Payne Lake.

I got a case of PTSD when I crossed the ridge and saw this…luckily, the trail cut right across and there was only a about 75′ of snow travel.

An incredibly green Meadow.

I popped out on a lonely paved road and had the good fortune of receiving a cold Coke from my friend here. I was also able to hitch a ride into town (Etna, CA) from the first truck that came by two minutes after I stuck my thumb out. We drove 10 miles down the mountain, dropping 2500′ into town.

It was WAY hotter in town!

After running around: eating, resupply, laundry, etc I was offered a place to stay/shower at a local trail Angel’s place….a converted garage. This is Names from the U.K. enjoying the free wifi.

5 thoughts on “Day 48, 7/13, Etna, CA M-1597, 25mi

  1. The Marbles, Trinities, Russians, Crags and Shasta are home sweet home for me. My backyard. The recent fires have been tragic especially the dreadening one through the Russians. I’m so thankful I got to see the area pre fire as it won’t recover during my lifetime. Glad you are enjoying and you survived the PTSD snow episode.


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