Day 47, 7/12, Saloon Crk Ridge, M-1574, 31mi

Another great day for crushing miles (my CDT buddy’s, Endless, favorite phrase).

I hit the trail at 5:45. This shot is prob around 6:30, looking down on one of the many lakes I passed today.

Yes, that’s Mt. Shasta in the upper left.
It’s stalking me!
Just a 20′ section of snow to cross today.

Lots of delicate wild flowers dotting the trail.

Most of this section (100+mi) is on a crest with views in both directions and lots of lakes scattered about. Luckily, the mosquitos haven’t been too be but I hear they are getting fierce in Oregon.

A solid field repair of the pin that holds my hiking strap onto the pole. I was pretty bummed when I realized the 1/2″ long pin had fallen out making the strap useless. The strap is crucial as it carries most of the load (i don’t actually grab the grips very tightly). Luckily, a pipe cleaner was the perfect fix (I keep a couple around to clean my hydration tube).

It’s been requested that I include more selfies.
Notice the snacks in their holsters ready to be deployed in a moments notice!

Giant tree forest with lots of green moss.

It kind of hurts my neck to look straight up so the camera comes in handy.

The view from my camp spot just after I rolled in at 7:45.

A soft bed of pine needles and a great night for Cowboy camping.

Tomorrow I plan to make it to the small town of Etna a bit ahead of schedule. Good night.

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