Day 112, 7/26: M-2095, 4th Mtn Bog (21mi)

The morning started by entering the 100 Mile Wilderness.

Lots of peaceful ponds today…

and some waterfalls.

Temps started to heat up s well as the humidity which made the couple climbs pretty sweaty. At least there were good views..

I was fairly sluggish this AM (didn’t sleep too well and was up too late). Plus, I’m definitely starting to get run down after all the miles…I slip and trip a lot more than normal. To make matters worse my pole strap broke. Luckily, I was able to rig up a temp fix.

2 thoughts on “Day 112, 7/26: M-2095, 4th Mtn Bog (21mi)

  1. Almost there Dean! hope all goes smoothly on this 100 mile section. I’ll be curious to learn which sections of the trail are the highlights. Which would you come back and do someday. I doubt I’ll ever hike the full AT, but I would like to do the spectacular sections someday.


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