Day 93, 7/7: M-1770, Fire Warden Tower (23mi)

A beautiful early morning as seen from Noah and Bess’ deck.

I love boardwalk hiking through the cattails.

The White Mountains on the horizon.

This is the home of Trail Angel Legend, Bill “the Ice Cream Man”. Sadly, he passed away this past spring but his grown sons were around and still giving out ice cream…which hit the spot on a super humid/sweaty day.

Here’s a picture of Bill.

This is Smart Mountain where I planned to stay tonight at the Fire Wardens Cabin. If you zoom in you can see the Fire Tower. Several tough climbs today, the last one gained 2000′ rather quickly.

You can see a little speck just to the right of high point, that’s the tower.

Coda the pooch standing guard at the entrance to the cabin.

You know it’s a really humid day when you are soaking your shirt on the downhills!