Day 111, 7/25: M-2074, Monson, ME (18mi)

This was the view as I left Moxie Pond this AM.
The pic came out way better than I realized when I took it…the reflection is amazing. The best part about the pond was I heard loons calling all throughout the night.

This is by far the largest toad I’ve seen…it’s the size of my fist.

Another placid pond…perfect moose territory, but I’ve mostly just seen lots of moose poop 😦

Tonight I’m staying at the Lakeshore House in Monson, ME the last trail town of the trip.

Unfortunately, I had too much to do, so no time to enjoy the kayaks and boats that were made available to guests.

The bakery next door had creative planters.
The Blue Dots mark all the places I’ve stayed over the last 110 days…kind of hard for me to even process.

Tomorrow begins the “homestretch” and enter the 100 Mile Wilderness (only a couple dirt road crossings). I hope to Summit the Big K next Sunday!

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