Day 98, 7/12: M-1850, Mitzpah-Camp (16mi)

Morning light hitting Zealand Falls  
A short break at the Zealand Hut. There are about 10? huts in the Whites run by the Appalachian Mountain Club. They are all in remote locations that you hike to. They are bunk room accommodations and they feed you Dinner and Breakfast…unfortunately they cost about $120/nt and you have to book them pretty far in advance. Still, they area nice oasis for thru hikers: treated water, bathrooms, plus they will often give hikers leftovers.

The hike out of Crawford Notch was a beast…

I’ve started calling these sections “McEnroe’s”, as in “You Can’t be SERIOUS!” I will literally do a 360 trying to figure out if I went off such luck.

Mt. Washington…will summit tomorrow AM.

The Mitzpah hut has a camping area just down the way. It was great to have this big open area to relax in the evening sun.

Unfortunately, I’ve started to get shin splints in my other leg. Luckily, it’s not as bad as I had it in my left leg (at least not yet). This terrain is not exactly conducive to recovery but I’m managing for now.

My friend Liz commented I must really be hurting (after my last post with my list of nagging injuries) because I’m not usually one to complain. I just wanted to explain that I was merely listing these aches and pains for the purpose of giving folks a real sense of what goes on out here. Too often Facebook and Blogs present a distorted view of the world because we tend to only post the “good” things.