Day 89, 7/3: M-1694.5, Killington Peak (25mi)

There were several of these interesting rock cairn gardens this morning… Very Andy Goldsworthy.

The View down to Rutland, VT

Slug and me after a satisfying lunch break 1/2 mile off trail at the Whistle Stop Cafe

View of Rutland from other side of Valley.

Unfortunately, since it was a holiday weekend all the sodas in the stream were gone, but it was a nice thought.
This group from a local girls camp was having a great time on their first backpacking trip.

Still a long ways, but more than 75% complete!

A little tricky pitching my style of tent (not freestanding…has to be staked out) on these platforms, but I’m getting better.

I’m excited to meet up with Noah and Bess on the trail tomorrow eve and camp together for a night. Hopefully, our rendezvous plans go smoothly.