Day 110, 7/24: M-2057, Moxie Pond, (23mi)

A quiet morning at Pierce Pond. I wasn’t in a huge hurry because they Ferry across the Kennebec River (4mi away) doesn’t start til 9am

The Ferry is actually just a guy in a canoe. Nothing fancy, but effective (and free!)

These guys were nice enough to take my trash and gave me some OJ and a soda for the road.

The view from Pleasant Pond Mtn.

More great views..

The last climb of the day was in the early evening to Moxie Bald.

This is Moxie Pond below where I will be camping tonight.

Once again, it’s nice to be back to just “normal” hiking terrain. The only thing objectionable are some of the tree roots layered on top of each other like giant pythons…makes for difficult footing.

img 1036

I got in at 7:30pm this evening but I couldn’t get my typical early start because I had to wait for the ferry at 9am. The only problem with my late arrivals is the camping spots are sometimes limited and I’m running into a lot of South-bounders and Summer Camps who tend to set up early. Tonight I wound up staying in the shelter since there weren’t any suitable tent spots left.

Tomorrow I will stay in my last trail town, Monson. Then it will be 5 days to Baxter State Park and a summit attempt of Mt. Katahdin the following AM. This will officially be the “homestretch”.

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