Day 109, 7/23: M-2034, Pierce Pond, (24mi)

The clouds were still lifting as I climbed Little Bigelow Mtn. in the AM.

Some sodas in a cooler at dirt road crossing were a nice surprise, plus it was good to know I was done with the burly terrain until Katahdin. 
This is the Trail Angel, Hendo. She was nice enough to give me a replacement water bag for my filter as I had just blown a seam out in mine the other day.

I stopped at this shelter for lunch and then the skies cut lose for an hour (video coming soon). This fortuitous timing made up for last nights debacle.

Blueberries are starting to come into season in Maine.

Sometimes the obstacles across the trail can get a little hairy. I was able make my way around though the woods.

Lots of bog bridges.

My hemmed in campsite among the pines and just steps from the shore of Pierce Pond.

It was a perfect place to watch the sunset.

It’s been a long time since the trail was this tame. I did the last 10 miles in 4 hours …it’s like finally getting back on the highway after mostly “Jeeping” the last 10 days.

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