Day 108, 7/22: M-2011, Sanford Notch, (19 mi)

A brief rain just as I was leaving camp cleared out as I started the first climb of the morning. This is looking back toward Sugarloaf Mtn. which I was on top of yesterday evening

A BIG milestone, 2000 miles (less than 200 to go)

The ATC sign for 2000 miles was a couple miles off…not sure who’s in charge of moving it every year?

The whole day had incredible views. I must have climbed at least 4 different peaks.

This is Rita the 6 month old terrier mix on her first backpacking trip.

Flagstaff Lake

I had lunch at Horns Pond below before the steep climb up Horns Peak.

Flagstaff Lake again.

The view of Little Bigelow Mountain which I will climb tomorrow.

It was another long day 6am-7:45pm but I had time for some longer stops. I chatted with a girls camp group on a 6-week backpacking trip…no town stops the whole time (camp brings them resupplies once a week), now that’s hard core!

Unfortunately, my leisurely pace got me to camp just as a thunderstorm was rolling in. If I had arrived 5 minutes sooner I would have had my tent set up and all would be dry 😦

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