Day 107, 7/21: M-1992, Carabassett Camp (24mi)

A 2-holer privy with a cribbage board in the middle…what more could a hiker want?

I almost “borrowed” a rowboat I saw unlocked in the woods by the shore, but I had a long day ahead.

That’s the same pond as seen from above.

Hikers headed toward Saddleback Mtn.

Saddleback Mtn as seen from Saddleback Jr. with the trail along the saddle.

Today was a long day. I hitched a ride to the trailhead at 5:45am and hiked until 8:30pm with about 45mins of rest with the pack off. The trail was rough but not terrible, just slower miles with lots of steep climbs. I could have stopped at a shelter around 5:30 but the weather was perfect. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places to put a tent down in Maine (rough terrain and dense understory), so I new I’d have just enough daylight to get me to a camp spot next to the Carabassett River 6 miles ahead. I was glad I didn’t arrive any later as daylight was pretty much gone under the forest canopy by the time I rolled in.

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