Day 106, 7/20: M-1968, Rangely Farmhouse (9mi)

It was a relatively easy 9 miles to the road crossing that gets you to Rangely, Maine.
I had a resupply box sent to the Hiker Hut just a couple hundred yards down the road. My box was there but unfortunately they don’t have wifi, cell phone service or laundry facilities. They do have an incredible piece of property with beautiful flowers and a very relaxing vibe…a place I’d normally seek out if I hadn’t been in the woods the last five days. Instead I hitched the 9 miles to Rangely.

This was my ride with Millie the pooch.

Who do I run into? Odie and Tracy from the Hiker Yearbook who I met on day 2! I had last seen them in Franklin, TN back in April.

The view from town.

Here are a bunch of hikers piled on the sort bus and headed into town a Mike down the road.

This the Farmhouse Inn where I stayed and is a popular layover stop.

Here are two videos from the last week…

Franconia Ridge (pardon the wind):

Mahoosuc Notch:

3 thoughts on “Day 106, 7/20: M-1968, Rangely Farmhouse (9mi)

  1. Wow! I haven’t been to your blog in awhile and now I see that you’re almost to the end. That went fast! Grafton Notch sure looks like a trip 🙂

    Great photos… you’re changing my mind about attempting this someday.


  2. you are so close to the end!!! What are you looking forward to the most?
    Well done to you! I have enjoyed reading your adventures! What a trip!
    Glad the legs are holding up!



    • Glad you have enjoyed the blog and thanks for the comments and support.

      Buddy is getting pretty old so I’m looking forward to seeing him again even though he sleeps 22 hours a day.

      Sent from my iPhone


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