Day 105, 7/19: M-1959, Sabbath Pond (21mi)

It was a cool morning in the 50’s mostly the result of the rain /wind that came around 9pm last night. I heard from some southbounders that they had gotten hit with rain/hail around 2pm. Luckily it cleared out quickly. There were a lot of great views today…,

A lonely Maine road…

Luckily, not too many crazy rock faces today… at least this one had metal rungs.

My favorite lake name of all time is in the distance: Mooselookmeguntic

From the other side of the valley…

The Sabbath Day Pond was the perfect place to end a 13 hour day on the trail. Although the day was long with several steep climbs it was much closer to “normal” hiking than recent days. Maine has a lot of roots and muddy bogs that even make the flatter sections challenging.

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