Day 104, 7/18: M-1938, Hall Mtn Shelt. (16mi)

The morning started off with with a climb up Baldface Mountain….a very Sierra-esque look and feel with its granite domes. And, luckily the trail was much kinder…just a normal steep climb.

The views from top were great…

View to North.

The whole day was “normal” hiking for the most part. I was going to push on as it was only 4pm but the forecast was calling for severe thunderstorms, heavy winds and possible hail after 4pm and I was starting to hear the thunder. . So I decided to call it quits early with the protection of the shelter calling to me. Of course, it didn’t rain, but the extra rest was well earned. I hope I’m not regretting the missed miles tomorrow. It was nice drying out wet/muddy boots by the fire.

There was a view of this ridge of wind mills from near the shelter.

There’s definitely more tough miles to come but the hardest stretches should be behind me..I hope!

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