Day 99, 9/5, Desolation Wilderness, M-1115, 29mi

The sunrise was solid, but would have been perfect if I was a couple miles further down the trail…

…because it would have been directly over my first view of Lake Tahoe.

Most of the late morning was spent hiking along this high ridge past the tops of several ski areas (Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley).

There were many views of Lake Tahoe to the East.

Most of the afternoon was dodging thunderstorms. The umbrella performed admirably. Mostly just my feet and legs were wet from all the wet brush. Lots of Sierra granite can be seen in the background here.

I’m camped just inside the Desolation Wilderness Area, a very popular place for backpacking. I’m looking forward to checking it out tomorrow… hopefully, with clear skies.

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