Day 94, 8/31, Fowler Lake Jct, M-1240, 31mi

This was the view I woke up to in my sleeping bag. I might miss this the most in a couple weeks!

An unexpected bathroom was a nice surprise mid-morning.

I think I found some squirrel’s mother lode!
(Most of these are 12-18″ long)

There were a couple views today, but mostly obscured by smoke-haze.

The temps got into the mid-90’s but the trees kept things reasonable most of the day. By mid-afternoon it was just hot everywhere… until an oasis like this!

This was an impressive bridge built just for the PCT over the middle fork of the Feather River.

The crickets are getting loud for the first time. Kind of soothing after a while.
It was a long dusty-dirty day.

I almost saw a bear today, instead I only heard it. Bears have a very distinct sound when they run off through the woods. Kind of like a bull in a China shop breaking every bush and branch in their path. Where as deer tend to glide through the woods when they run, barely touching the ground.