Day 98, 9/4, Tinker Knob Camp, M-1144, 25mi

My campsite was a great location for watching the sunrise…

…the first couple miles of trail was an encore performance.

I made a brief morning stop at this Sierra Club backcountry cabin. The door on the 2nd story is how they get inside during the winter (snow).

I like the two story outhouse as well 🙂

I want to introduce you to a trail angel extraordinaire, Mrs Focus. Her husband is hiking the trail an I have seen them both on and off since Warner Springs (Mile ~110). Mrs Focus drives an RV and meets her husband every couple days at road crossings. In between she has helped 100’s of hikers whether it’s a ride to town, a slice of watermelon or mending clothes (my shorts). She is also a very accomplished quilter and has been working on an incredible PCT quilt.

I sure hope get to see the finished product. She has made dozens of 10×10 squares celebrating so many of the places and things we’ve seen along the way.

After crossing I-80 and then Donner Pass (yes, THAT Donner Pass) I made a stop at this Sierra Club Lodge where I had sent my bear canister back in June. It is required to have it through Yosemite which I will get to in about a week. Luckily, Mrs Focus agreed to take it with her in the camper to Sonora Pass where I can grab it (140 miles away…no sense lugging that thing further than I need to!) I was also able to get a hot shower and do laundry at the Lodge for a modest donation.

The climb out of Donner Pass in the early evening was gorgeous.

I found a great little campsite at 7:30, about 15 minutes before dark.
And a great sunset to end the day.

This is definitely starting to feel like the homestretch. I have about a week to get to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite and then another week to finish. For those keeping track at home, my end will be M-788, where I left the Sierras back in June.

2 thoughts on “Day 98, 9/4, Tinker Knob Camp, M-1144, 25mi

  1. A little song for you that I learned as a child camping in Tuolumne Meadows (sung to the tune of “Are You Sleeping”):
    In Tuolumne,
    In Tuolumne,
    You can hike!
    You can hike!
    All the trails are level,
    All the trails are level,
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    There are several more verses, but this is the one you can most appreciate!


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