Day 98, 9/4, Tinker Knob Camp, M-1144, 25mi

My campsite was a great location for watching the sunrise…

…the first couple miles of trail was an encore performance.

I made a brief morning stop at this Sierra Club backcountry cabin. The door on the 2nd story is how they get inside during the winter (snow).

I like the two story outhouse as well 🙂

I want to introduce you to a trail angel extraordinaire, Mrs Focus. Her husband is hiking the trail an I have seen them both on and off since Warner Springs (Mile ~110). Mrs Focus drives an RV and meets her husband every couple days at road crossings. In between she has helped 100’s of hikers whether it’s a ride to town, a slice of watermelon or mending clothes (my shorts). She is also a very accomplished quilter and has been working on an incredible PCT quilt.

I sure hope get to see the finished product. She has made dozens of 10×10 squares celebrating so many of the places and things we’ve seen along the way.

After crossing I-80 and then Donner Pass (yes, THAT Donner Pass) I made a stop at this Sierra Club Lodge where I had sent my bear canister back in June. It is required to have it through Yosemite which I will get to in about a week. Luckily, Mrs Focus agreed to take it with her in the camper to Sonora Pass where I can grab it (140 miles away…no sense lugging that thing further than I need to!) I was also able to get a hot shower and do laundry at the Lodge for a modest donation.

The climb out of Donner Pass in the early evening was gorgeous.

I found a great little campsite at 7:30, about 15 minutes before dark.
And a great sunset to end the day.

This is definitely starting to feel like the homestretch. I have about a week to get to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite and then another week to finish. For those keeping track at home, my end will be M-788, where I left the Sierras back in June.