2017 PCT Post Hike Gear List

This a much delayed post that I’ve been meaning to do since I finished last September, and it’s everyone’s favorite topic …GEAR!

With the PCT Class of 2018 getting ready to hit the trail soon I figured I should finally return the favor of all my predecessors who posted their gear lists and pics.

I’m not going to get into the weight of every single item but generally, my base weight varied from 10.5lbs (in desert) to ~14.5lbs (in Sierras).
The majority of the hike I would say I was at ~11lbs. Once you add in food and water for a typical 4-5 day segment I was typically leaving town with about 22lbs (usually 1-liter of water, sometimes 2L, occasionally 3+L).

Below is a post trail pic of the gear I finished with… full details in the list at bottom.

This next pic is of the gear I had with me at some point along the way, either by design or as their usefulness changed.

A couple comments on this gear…
-My trail runners were comfortable enough that I had very little need/desire for camp shoes. I was also spending very little time “in camp” so even less of a need.
– I started in the desert with the Arcteryx running pants seen here as well as my rain skirt. There were a lot of cool mornings in May when I wore pants and only twice did I see any precipitation when I used rain skirt. I don’t like hiking in pants unless it’s really cold. When I got to the Sierras I swapped both of these for my rain pants.
-When I flipped back to the Sierras in Sept I had my 15degree sleeping bag liner sent because temps were getting colder, my sleeping bag wasn’t quite as warm after 100+ days and my body wasn’t too efficient at keeping warm (skin and bones).

This is the Grivel ice-axe/trekking pole (extendable) I used in the snowy stretches. Very similar to the Black Diamond Whippet, but this one allows the business end to retract into the handle when not needed. Luckily, I never had to self arrest but I liked that it was always in my hand… I saw a lot of dedicated ice axes living on the back of people’s packs :-/

I’m planning to do some gear specific write ups so let me know if there any particular items you’d like to hear about sooner than later.

The Full List…amazing how much stuff fits in a tiny pack!

Wearing (~$300)

Shoes: Altra Olympus

Gaiters: Altra

Socks: Darn Tough (crew-no cushion)

Compression Calf Sleeves: Zensah

T-shirt: 32 degree cool (Costco)

Shorts: North Face Running

Running hat -quick dry

Sunglasses -orange lens

Pants: Arcteryx (full zip running),

swapped to rain pants after desert

Trek poles: Fizan

Packed Gear (~1400)

Backpack: osprey exos 38

Tent: Zpacks Altalplex (hike pole- 58-60″ / 150cm)

(8-stakes: titanium/carbon: hooks, Vs)

Pole Extender for tent

Sleep Pad: Neo Air 3/4 (homemade inflator)

Sit Pad: Zrest (cut from full size)

Sleep Bag: EE Convert (20 degree, 20oz)

Sea to summit 15deg liner for Sierra

Pillow: Sea to Summit (2 oz)

Polycryo Pack liner (homemade w/inflator hardware)

Zpack Food Bag

Zpack stuffsack

Umbrella: Chrome Dome (attachment to pack)

Trowel: Deuce of spades

Bear Can: BV500 (Sierra)

Grivel Ice-axe/ trek pole (Sierra)

Micro Spikes (Sierra)

Packed clothes (~500)

Hiking sleeves: Smart Wool

Leggings: 32degrees (4oz)

Down jacket: Montbell ultralight sweater (5oz)

Long sleeve: OR Hoodie (4.5oz)

2nd hike socks: Darn Tough

Sleep socks: Possum down

Rain Skirt (changed to rain pants after desert)

Rain pants: Berghaus paclite full zip (or skirt)

Rain jacket : Berghaus VaporLight Hyper (3oz)

Glove: convertible fleece mit

Waterproof Mit: Borah (used 3x)



Ski Hat (Sierras)


Cooling towel (great in desert and NorCal)

Water/repair/Misc: (~$100)

Filter: Sawyer Squeeze

bleach drops

Water bottles: 1L-Sawyer, 1L-Smart Bottle, 2L Sawyer

Dipping cup nests on smart bottle

8oz protein shake container

Hydration tube w/bottle adapter

Spoon, knife: lexan

Micro Pocket blade (serrated)

Utility Razor blade

Head lamp: Mini Petzel

Luminaide solar light

Lighter/matches, Fire starter

-Pipe cleaners

Repair Tape (Tenacious)

Velcro for gaiters


Hot Hands Handwarmers

-Head net (in resupply)

Lithium Batteries: headlamp

Sil Wallet




Guthook App download

iPhone (camera)

SanDisk Clip MP3 w/FM tuner (8gb)


Charge cord/plug (3amp)

Power Bank: Anker 10,000ma+ cord



-Bug Deet (100%-resupply)

Nail clippers (Nail File)


Tooth brush/ paste


Ear plugs on cord


Cortisone hand cream (allergy)

Advil / Naproxen/Imodium/Ambien/Allergy meds

Wet wipes



Leuko tape