Day 106, 9/12, Tuolumne Meadow, M-942, 22mi

It absolutely poured last night, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Luckily our campsite was protected among the trees. Needless to say, it was a little slower getting ready this morning with gear being wet and cold.

The broad Matterhorn Creek valley was a great way to start the morning.

The Butcher adeptly using rocks and logs to cross Matterhorn Creek.

A doe with two fawns scoping us out.

I love hiking through giant meadows.

The Tuolumne River passing granite walls and domes.

Tuolumne Falls is no joke.

Up above the falls the river couldn’t be more placid and gentle.

The Butcher excited for some snacks and sodas at the Tuolumne Store.

Hanging out at the hiker campsite. We even went to a Ranger campfire talk about the creation of the National Park Service.

The plan tomorrow is do a little side trip to Yosemite Valley..The Butcher decided to come along as well. We will hitch a ride to a trailhead 10 miles down the road. Then we will hike over Clouds Rest which has incredible views of Half Dome before descending 6000′ into the valley. Then we will to need to hitch about 50 miles back to Tuolumne.

Day 105, 9/11, Matterhorn Creek, M-963, 27mi

Today was one of the tougher days I’ve had in a while. The miles came more slowly… a combination of steeper than normal climbs (6700′ up) and the fact that I’m starting to lose some of my power after so many miles. On top of that there were five “wet” creek crossings as well as a pretty solid afternoon thunderstorm. Luckily, the storm cleared out just as the trail was cresting the highest Pass of the day.

A classic Yosemite granite dome as the sun rises.

This is Wide Creek. Other than getting wet feet (shin high) it was a non-issue… much different story 2.5 months ago when I would have come through originally. The pics/vids I saw had people swimming across in fast moving water. There were a total of five crossings like this today, from ankle deep to just below the knees.

The signage Yosemite uses on the trails is very distinct.

Even around mid-day the skies were still behaving…

…not so much in the afternoon.

Then things cleared just as I got to the top of Benson Pass (10,100′)
Hard to imagine seeing some blue skies again after the storm earlier.

Tomorrow, Tuolumne Meadows!