Day 60, 7/25, Random Pond, M-1936, 34mi

The day started with a small climb out of Shelter Cove to get back on the PCT. There was a good view of Odell Lake from the Crest.

Most of the day was easy walking through the woods with the occasional pond or lake…and tons of mosquitoes!

I took a mid-morning break at this cool ski Lodge that is made available to hikers. It was nice to get away from the bugs temporarily.

This was a big burn section…the fire was from almost 20 years ago.

Showing off my disgusting legs. A combination of dirt, sweat and bug spray. (Luckily, I’m past the need for sunscreen).

Some darker clouds rolled in with thunder in the distance. Fortunately, it stayed dry.

The tenting area was limited at this random pond, but after 34 miles I was ready to call it a day. The Swiss couple that were already there were happy to share the site (he’s wearing a Bug net and n his head).

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