Day 58, 7/23, Six Horse Jct., M-1870, 33mi

There were only two water sources over today’s 33 miles, so the plan was to make it to the 2nd source to camp. The 5:40am departure was hastier than normal due to the swarming mosquitos…they are relentless!

I think this is Diamond Lake and Diamond Peak.

This is definitely Mt. Thielsen.

I had warnings about snow on trail in this area. Luckily it was just patchy for a couple miles.

Thielsen Creek was the first water source of the day at mile 16. I had to chase it down stream a bit because the upper part was covered in snow.

My favorite part of the day.

It was a popular lunch spot.

Hiker tan (dirt) lines.
North side of Mt. Thielsen.

Supposedly it’s all down hill to Canada 🇨🇦

Miller Lake

The spur trail to the Spring was a popular camp spot tonight.

It was a 14 hour day on the trail with stops.
I’m ready for bed!

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