Day 53, 7/18, Soda Mtn Camp, M-1722.5, 7.5mi

I had a great nights rest at the Mathew’s residence! We ate a pleasant breakfast on the back patio which overlooks the golf course and the mountains.

After running some errands around town we went back to Callahans Lodge next to the PCT and said our good byes. What a great 24 hour break!

I had to take a pic of the Lodge’s trusted lawn maintenance director . Her name is Heidi (according to her tag) and keeps the grass neat and trim.

I hiked for 3 relaxing hours in the early evening. This is a pic of Pilot Knob.

Yes, that’s Mt. Shasta on the horizon.

A closer look at Pilot Knob.

Then a perfect home for the night… flat, soft pine duff.

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