Day 95, 7/9: M-1807, Eliza Brook (16mi)

This is the elevation profile for the day… 3600′ climb to start the morning. Little did I know this would be the easiest part of the day!

Unfortunately, Mt Moosilauke that I’d be summiting is completely obscured.

The trail became a river/pond as I reached the treeline.

Giant cairns mark the trail above treeline.

It was in the low 40’s up top and the wind was blowing a lot of wetness around.

More of the fine view.

….and then the real fun, the crazy descent.

I slid about 15′ down this slab while moving out of the way for these folks… a layer of slime/mud = not good.

They were nice enough to install some erratically placed steps on some of the sheer drops.

Occasionally, I could lift my head and enjoy the cascade next to me.

This was the warning sign at the bottom. The last 1.5mi took me almost 1.5 hours. The rest of the day was only slightly better.

I worked really hard for these 16 miles today. I’d probably be in a hospital if I didn’t have my trekking poles to ease my way down all the steep treacherous stuff , plus the rain made things extra slick. By the time I rolled into camp at 5:30 I was whipped, cold and wet. Normally I would have hiked the additional 4 miles to the next hut for a 7pm arrival but I knew better today. I needed almost 10 hours of actual hiking to go 16 miles, and the next 4 are more of the same.

One thought on “Day 95, 7/9: M-1807, Eliza Brook (16mi)

  1. I’m impressed! What a day! I’m drinking my morning tea complaining because the temp at home dropped into the 50’s today. No more complaining from me today.


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