Day 94, 7/8: M-1791, Jeffers Brook (22mi)

This is the fire Wardens cabin I stayed in last night. The lookout tower was not worth a trip up because it was all clouded in.

Top of Cube Mountain…will have to come back another time for the view.

Trail magic in the woods (100yds off of road) made for a nice lunch break.

The Hikers Welcome hostel is just 1/4 mile off the trail. AC lot of folks stay here before they do the 3600′ ascent of Mt. Mousiluakie and officially enter the White Mountains just after. I got a drink/snack and charged batteries before doing another couple miles to the shelter.

Too much sweaty/humid weather gave me diaper rash on my hip bones from rubbing on my packs belt. Some medical tape seems to help.

A true first, I was the only person at the shelter tonight. I think a lots of folks camped at the Hostel. Still surprising to have no one here, especially at the base of a big climb tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 94, 7/8: M-1791, Jeffers Brook (22mi)

  1. I’m following you daily, Dawg and really enjoying your travels. We all will be at the Cape until July 31 if by any chance you’re passing through on your way back to civilization.



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