Day 91, 7/5: M-1737, W. Hartford-Noah (19mi)

This is the private shelter/cabin available to hikers that I stayed in last night.

It was a popular destination because it was the night of the 4th and you could watch fireworks in the valley below.   

The widows walk provided the spectacular views (above the trees) from yesterday’s photos.

Here is my cousin Noah and Bess getting ready to hike back to their car after meeting me at the cabin for the night.

Meadow walking in VT.

The Suicide-6 ski area near Pomfret, VT

A little hard to see in this shot, but all the tubing hung in the woods is to tap the Maple trees and collect sap for making Maple Syrup.

Here we are in Sharon, VT about 8 miles from the AT at Noah and Bess’ house… a converted 1870’s schoolhouse (interior pics later).

Food and drink from the Worthy Burger nearby.

2 thoughts on “Day 91, 7/5: M-1737, W. Hartford-Noah (19mi)

  1. Wow. You are making great time. Hi Noah and Bess!!!! Love your house. I want to see the inside. How are you guys? Cool place to be for the 4th of July! Go dean!!!!


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