Day 90, 7/4: M-1718, Lookout Cabin, (24mi)

A fantastic view from Pico Mtn. to start the day. I was told the mountains on the horizon are in Canada.

Now that’s a no nonsense warning!

I had a great breakfast at the historic Long Trail Inn. There lounge area is very inviting…a thru hiker could get stuck here for a while.

I liked this sign I saw by the bathroom….
The very peaceful Kent Pond.

This dog was just wearing herself out fetching the stick out of the water over and over again

The ladder was a very thoughtful and necessary accessory.

I Stayed at a private shelter/cabin open to hikers called The Lookout. There is a widows walk on the roof with a 360 view.

Hard to get the whole perspective even with the Pano.

The best part was my cousin Noah hiked in and met me for the night.

Here is Noah and Bess cooking dinner on the cabins front porch.

A great sunset ended a long day.

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