Day 110, 9/16, Vermillion Valley Resort , M-875, 17mi

It was a cold night…especially, since my mattress didn’t hold air 😦 There was frost on the outside of my tent and small puddles were frozen on the trail.

This morning’s view over Lake Virginia.

Old Bum climbing up into the sun.

Alpine lakes near Silver Pass.

There was still quite a bit of snow hiking over Goodale Pass (Elevation 10,700′)

Old Bum enjoying the views.

We arrived at the Vermillion Valley Resort around 1:30….they are very hiker friendly.
Lots of John Muir Trail hikers use this as a stop over as …
There hiker box is chock-full’o stuff.

The Old Bum is in need of a shower.

My resupply box has been waiting for me here since June 13th…amazingly, the tortillas were fine and had no mold! 

I spent most of the afternoon searching for (and patching) five more holes I found on my mattress.

I ran into Keychain and Wildcat who I first met back in June at Kersarge Pass and then hiked with them for several days in Northern Oregon.

Only three more nights to go!

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