Day 33, 6/5, Bighorn Plateau, M-773, 20mi

It was a cold morning…camping at 11,000′ has that effect. The reward were some great views.

Starting to see more and more snow on trail. A function of elevation and aspect (to the sun).

Sketchy creek crossing #1 today. I still had my micro-spikes on from the snowy descent which made the slippery log much less of a concern.

Pretty soon it was basically all snow.

One of the few, non-frozen lakes.

Sketchy log crossing #2. Although, I used a less sketchy log to cross on.

Normally, this would be a big meadow… according to the guidebook.

Nothing more to add.

Sketchy log crossing #3. I was thankful to find this log a 1/4 mile downstream. I did not take a picture of the wet-crossing I made a mile before this. Luckily, the sun was out and there were some warm rocks to lay out on. These aren’t even the big crossings yet :-/

Mt. Whitney is in the very back… steep left side and shallow slope on right side.

After a long day of slogging through the snow, constant navigation to stay on course, four stream crossings, I then had to find a snow free place to camp…not so easy. This small outcropping at 11,400′ would have to do. Not even a big enough flat area for my tent….

But just big enough for my sleeping bag and pad.

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