Day 41, 6/13, Screwdriver Crk, M-1426, 30mi

Today was a great day: the skies were blue, temps were perfect, trail was fast and scenic, plus there were some good stops along the way.

Baum Lake at mid morning.

We had a nice break at the Burney Mtn. Guest Ranch for breakfast. Here is Loco buying some resupply provisions from the small, but very well stocked micro-store.

A couple miles later we had an impromptu stop at some trail magic

These are the trail angels that keep the sodas and snacks stocked.

Now that we are in the Southern Cascades there is a lot of lava rock everywhere.

Our midday stop was at Burney Falls State Park.
(130′ high).

We had a pleasant evening hike out of the park.

A stout bridge over the creek…so civilized.

It was a slightly longer day than anticipated as our originally planned campsite was occupied by several other hikers. The crazy thing is we hadn’t seen a single other northbound hiker all day.