Day 32, 6/4, Cirque Peak, M-753, 22mi

The day started out normal enough. Dry sandy trail, some big pines and interesting rock formations….

Some snow capped peaks in the immediate vicinity.

There was a great view of the Owens Valley…,

and the occasional snow field.

Then a bit more…

Then a lot more!

The 2nd half of the day was mostly snow. No postholing luckily, but a lot of slippin and slidin’ even with my micro-spikes. The sun had warmed up the snow pretty good and was slushy on top making for cold-wet feet.

It was challenging to find a dry camp spot…my tent is basically surround by snow. I was exhausted by 7pm and wasn’t going to be too picky.

I did have a good sunset from my tent 🙂

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