Day 102, 7/16: M-1908, Col Carlo Shelter (18mi)

A morning road walk out of Gorham, NH.

Not an hour into my day I was met with this…
You Can’t be Serious!

Great views back toward the Whites.

Gentian Pond for lunch.

I even had a lunch guest.image
Another big Milestone. This also means there is less than 300 miles to go.

The clouds looked menacing but they were all show.

Officially entered Maine today, the last State!

I’m getting good at setting up the tent on these platforms.

I forgot to mention I saw a moose the other day running down the trail toward me. Luckily, it made a hard right into the woods as soon as it saw me.

My new shin splint flared up this morning and was definitely impeding progress. A longer lunch break and elevating the leg for a bit seemed to help for the afternoon. I’m trying Naproxen to see if it has longer lasting effects than ibuprofen.

4 thoughts on “Day 102, 7/16: M-1908, Col Carlo Shelter (18mi)

  1. I’m constantly in awe of your ability to accomplish all these 100’s & 100’s of miles,
    especially with the “you can’t be serious” stretches of trail and having to manage such tough hiking with the first and now the second shin splint! (as well as other unexplained pains that you’ve commented on) So I hope you can figure out how to deal with this newly developing shin splint, but other than some common sense rest from the rigorous (to say the least!) hiking challenge you’ll continue to face in Maine, such as a few “zero” days, it seems like popping
    pills and “mind over matter” are the choices you are dealing with now. Good luck! I hope
    the blue skies keep you good company! Love, Mom


  2. Congratulations on making over the Maine state line! Maybe your arrival at the end of the trail will converge with our stay in Hull’s Cove and we can toast your accomplishment 🙂


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