Day 99, 7/13: M-1865, Osgood Camp (15mi)

For some reason the caretaker squeezed three of us onto this one platform last night (forgot to get a pic with all 3). There was an empty platform just down the way?! He must want to keep all us smelly thru hikers together.

Starting the climb toward Mt Washington On the horizon.

The Lake of the Clouds Hut made a good morning rest stop before the final summit push.

This one is for Tucker Wein

It’s a little hard to see, but this woman is carrying a big load on a wood frame pack 1500′ feet down to the hut….that’s how they get all the food and supplies to feed the hikers who stay there. The hut is at the bottom of the ridge.

There was a line to get your photo in Front of the sign, so I photo bombed it.

The Presidential Traverse was the afternoon’s activity.

Apparently The Camino and the AT cross paths ?

A well earned rest break at the Madison Hut. The 6 miles from the Mt. Washington summit took almost 4-hours.

Then it got even tougher…this is the trail. More like choose your own adventure through a giant rock jumble. The last 3 miles of the day took almost 3-hours.

All in today I was on the trail for 13 hours and covered 15 miles (with maybe 90 minutes of breaks). One More big day tomorrow and then a half day to Gorham, NH.

One thought on “Day 99, 7/13: M-1865, Osgood Camp (15mi)

  1. You must be constantly amazing yourself (& us!) with your ability to find such deep reserves of endurance to manage all those rock scrambles! I just finished watching a docudrama of the achievement of Everest by Hillary & Tenzing and a quote from Hillary about “relentlessly” putting one foot in front of the other made me think of your AT journey! I’m glad to see the weather has been good the past 2 days. So at least you probably had dry rocks scrambles!
    May good weather continue and may your pains be few! Love, Mom
    PS– I was astounded to learn that the hut stays cost $120. In 2005 the rate was $80, and
    when we stayed at Lake of the Clouds, the rate was probably in the $20’s!


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