Day 65, 6/9: M-1217, Port Clinton Gazebo (20mi)

This is a significant milestone as we now have less that 1000 miles to go (989).

Trooper from Scotland was wearing the best hat I’ve seen on the trail (homemade too!)

Frank the barber in Port Clinton, PA is a great host who lets hikers hangout at his shop (see rocking chairs), charge their phones, listen to his classic vinyl collection and stay cool with the AC.

A short 3 mile hitch to Hamburg is the worlds largest Cabelas.

If you haven’t seen wild life they have plenty.

Live carp swimming below the moose.

The Kodiak Grizzly is not indigenous to PA.

Today had several very rocky sections and I hear the real bad stuff starts tomorrow and lasts on and off over the next several days…definitely not fun.image

Tonight I’m staying in the small town of Port Clinton. They have a park with a gazebo they allow hikers to use and camp next to. Cabelas would also let you camp in the grassy area next to their parking lot (but not as convenient to get back on the trail).

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