Day 64, 6/8: M-1199, Hertline Camp (28mi)

It was an interesting day of on and off showers and then sun, and quite a bit cooler than it has been recently.

This an old railroad bridge that is now used specifically for the trail.

There are a couple log benches under the I-81 overpass that made a perfect place to take a break and get out of the rain. It Definitely had a vagrant quality to the whole scene, but a welcomed amenity.

The William Penn shelter was a good looking two story design and made a good lunch stop.

When the skies cleared (as well as the trees) we were treated to a nice view.

The 501 shelter is actually a cabin.
It has bunk space for about 16 and made a good evening rest stop. The road is about a 1/4 Mike away and most folk were getting pizza delivered.image
The last 5 miles had a lot of rock sections like this which is brutal and even worse when it’s miles 23-28. Needless to say the boots are officially broken in!

One last view before camp.

The long day leaves about 18 miles to Port Clinton tomorrow, a small town the AT goes right through the middle of. There’s not a whole lot there but they allow camping at the town gazebo and have a restaurant.

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