Day 66, 6/10: M-1239, Allentown Shelter (23mi)

This was last nights accommodation (pitched my tent out front) compliments of the Port Clinton church. Hikers don’t need much.

This is Marshall and Mark, day hikers from the area…they hooked me up with some Snickers bars. Now they are officially Trail Angels. 
A great view on a blue sky day from Pinnacle Rocks. 
A local astronomy club has a pretty sweet setup at the top of the ridge.

Gotta Love these giant rat snakes…this ones a 5-footer. 
The rest of the day (7-miles) looked mostly like this…brutal! Rough on the ankles, plus it gives me a headache from having to concentrate so hard for so long.

One thought on “Day 66, 6/10: M-1239, Allentown Shelter (23mi)

  1. Those brutal miles of jagged rocky trails in PA. are always commented on by hikers writing
    about their trail experiences. I can certainly imagine the head-ache producing tension of
    watching your step every minute to avoid a twisted ankle or fall. “Lots of people leave
    the state limping & bruised,” says one writer, as well as happy to say good riddance to
    “the meanest rattlesnakes anywhere along the trail, and the most unreliable water sources.”
    GOOD LUCK facing these new challenges!


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